About us

SKYSTONE™ provide selection of the finest acrylic solid surface material in the leading market. From Classic, Descend from notability, Outstanding by origin, Extra-ordinary as beginning, Incomparable attic faith, Creating distinguish future with boundless passion.

SKYSTONE™ offers a virtually high range of colors in all concievable shades. More are being added every year. Made from UPR.MMA and superfine ATH, the acrylic solid surface sheets is highly hardnedd, undeformartion environment friendly.

SKYSTONE™ performs well in Safety, Beauty, Comfort, Easy to maintain, Seamless join, Resistance to stains and Hygienic characteristics make it the ideal material with which to equip the working surface in the Kitchens, Toilets, Hospitals, Residential ,Laboratories, Hotels and Restaurants.

SKYSTONE™ product comes with a 10 year limited enquiry on 100% acrylic solid surface. These should only be fabricated and ubstalled by certified fabricators, so you have the assurance of quality product, expert installation and the backing of our customer service support.

  • To create a brand image in the interior & exterior world for Residential, Commercial and IT Complexes
  • To create a customer focused organization
  • Never to compromise on quality and try to give our best to our customers
  • To expand “Green Environment friendly” activities in all projects .
  • "Leading Technology" Technology has changed our lives."
  • "Service First". Priority is given to the highest quality of service.
  • "Trust and Reliability". The company extends trust and reliability to all customers.
  • “Green Environment". Products are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • "The primary responsibilities of our project are to oversee all designs as per our clients interior and architectural projects.
  • The combination of high technology and high design in the Skystone materials can turn any remodeling project into a fully-functional work of art.
  • We will manage the day to day production on specific projects to meet deadlines accurately of our Clients

Your Faith is our identity.. If you want to be part of it.

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